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Hockey Alberta Off-Ice Training

ASDC NW is proud to team up with Hockey Alberta to offer an Off-Ice Training Program for Bantam and Midget aged Hockey Athletes.

TRAINING: 3x/week; 1.5 hour sessions

DATES: May 13-Aug 23

COST: $600+tax per athlete


Registration Online @ Hockey Canada Event Site


Purpose: To physically prepare the athletes in the Train to Train stage of the LTAD model by applying developmentally appropriate programing to the off-season. Program open to Male and Female Bantam and Midget Athletes in any category.

Why this Important is? The Train to Train stage is one of the most important times of athletic development; it is when athletes are made, or broken. All too often the foundations of athleticism are neglected in a rush to obtain short-term results through adult-style programs. Ultimately, this reduces long-term performance capacity and increases the risks of injury.

What does a developmentally appropriate program look like? The program targets the specific areas of development in the Train to Train athletes to ensure maximum improvements are made through specifically constructed progressions.  Athletes will be preparing for the Train to Compete stage through a holistic approach that ensures improvement in physical and technical ability.

How do we know we are improving? Progress will be tracked through reports based on regular physiological and skill-based testing at the end of each phase. Regular evaluations allow for further individualized training; improved motivation and accountability; and for use in goal-setting.

Bonus! Train with ASDC Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist; get a 4 month membership to GPRC facility, and Hockey Alberta Apparel


Contact: Dave Campbell 780-532-9109 for more information 

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