ASDC - Alberta Sport Development Centre

Transform athletic potential into athletic excellence

Mission, Vision, & Goals

The Alberta Sport Development Centre provides services to elite athletes from northwest Alberta which will help take them to the next level in their sport. The northwest Centre is a result of a partnership between Grande Prairie Regional College and the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation (ASRPWF).

The objective of ASDC NW is to surround athletes with excellence, providing them with the leadership and support tools they need to reach excellence in their sport.

Through a strategic partnership with the ASRPWF, the Alberta Sport Development Centre is located on the campus of the Grande Prairie Regional College. The Centre operates with an Advisory Board that represents many different aspects of the sports needs of this region.


To Support emerging Alberta athletes and coaches to achieve their competitive goals through the education and delivery of sport sciences.


To enhance sport in Alberta.


The ASDC Northwest Region will work towards attaining the following goals:

  1. Education – Members of the sport community of Northwestern Alberta are knowledgeable in the areas of Athlete, Coach and Sport Development
  2. Performance – Athletes and Coaches are given resources and support to achieve success
  3. Leadership – The ASDC-Northwest works both locally and provincially to promote best practices in Sport, Athlete and Coach Development
  4. Organization - ASDC-Northwest maintains financial and in-kind support

We will achieve these goals by offering a fully integrated sport science environment providing programs and services to all emerging elite athletes, coaches, administrators, and organizations. These programs and services will focus on a holistic approach while partnering with local sport organizations to identify gaps within specific training cycles.